Nzomo Maria

Professor, International Relations & Governance

Ph.D. - Political Science & International Relations, Dalhousie University (1981) Thesis topic: “The Impact of Dependence & Underdevelopment on the Foreign Policies of Kenya & Tanzania” M.A. - Political Science, McMaster University (1975) Thesis topic:” Sino- Tanzania Foreign Relations, 1961-1974”  B.A. (Hons.) - Political Science, University of Nairobi (1974) Dissertation topic: “The Foreign Policy of Tanzania, 1961-1970”





Recent publications

Peer reviewed publications

  • “Rethinking African Security: A feminist perspective”, in, Munene, M. & Ojielo, O. (eds.), The Study of Peace & Security in Africa, Nairobi: Sapphire logistics & UNDP, 2014, Pgs. 57-69
  • “Academic Freedom and Democratic Space in Kenya”, Nyong’o, D. (ed.), Higher Education & Political Leadership in Kenya: Towards Good Governance and peace in a Democratic Society, Nairobi: 7th Sense Communication Ltd, 2015, Pgs. 54-74
  • “Civil Society in the Kenyan Political Transition: 1990-2002,” in, Oyugi and Wanyande (eds), The Politics of Transition in Kenya: From KANU TO NARC, Nairobi: HBF, 2003, Pgs. 180-211.