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Head: Elizabeth Ochola

Organizational Communication refers to organizational-related communication skills for effective and participatory communication across business and organizational settings.

In order to address the ever-increasing demand for expertise in modern communication in the current globalized business environment, organizations require their employees to possess the following skills: ability to work in a team structure , ability to verbally communicate with people both inside and outside the organization ,  ability to make decisions and solve problems,  ability to obtain and process information , ability to plan, organize, and prioritize work, and the ability to think, speak and write clearly. It is in recognition of this that the course focuses on general communication processes and dynamics within organizations including: development and maintenance of interpersonal group relations within organizations; decision-making and conflict management; the use of symbols to create and maintain organizational images, missions, and values; power and politics within organizations; human interaction with computer technology; and how communication socializes and supports employees and team members.( For more information contact the department through the link provided.)