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While the critical skill of writing is visible and most discussed in both academic and professional circles, it is the skill of reading that provides information used in writing skills. Here the students learn the approaches to gathering information and evaluating it. Both primary and secondary sources are critically assessed and evaluated with the overall goal of producing proficiency in reading. The proficient reader (one who is both effective and efficient and has developed a reading culture) will utilize several key strategies of reading. This is the focus of the course.  Learners eventually internalize the need and skills of both intensive and extensive reading skills. They will be able to determine the relevance, currency and comprehensiveness of any given source of information including online sources. Reading skills is therefore a key skill area of communication, not only for university students pursuing an academic education, but also for professional in both industry and governance.

Head of Thematic Area:

Lynn Ochieno

Members of Thematic Area

  1. Dr. Charles B. Oduol
  2. Mrs. Mary A. Okebe
  3. Mrs. Dorothy Omollo
  4. Mrs. Elizabeth Ochola
  5. Mrs. Hellen G. Omangi
  6. Mr. Nobert O. Basweti

Possible Career Opportunities

  • Reporter
  • News Anchor
  • Editor
  • Teacher
  • Researcher
  • Rapporteur

Degree Programmes Linked to Thematic Area

All undergraduate degree courses in the University of Nairobi


Course Unit in Thematic Area

CCS 001(Communication Skills)