Oral and Public Presentation Skills
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Communication Skills is indeed incomplete without a key component, Oral and Public Presentation skills. Indeed throughout a student life or in the industry, there are a myriad of opportunities to make public presentations. Effective oral and public speaking is both a practical skill and one of the liberal arts disciplines. The thematic area of Oral and Public presentation Skills emphasizes on four aspects: the Planning process, Delivery and How to exploit both the vocal expressiveness and body language. Good public speaking effectively embodies the verbal and non-verbal codes. Equally important is thorough research and a rhetorical organization of ideas in a speech as it enhances the credibility and integrity to any presenter in whichever public or private forum. Different circumstances call for different types of presentations or speeches; Managers, politicians, academicians, marketers, leaders and many professionals need to understand this.


Head of Thematic Area:

Nobert Ombati Basweti


Members of Thematic Area:

  1. Dr. Charles Oduol,
  2. Mrs Mary Okebe,
  3. Mrs Lyn Ochieno,
  4. Mrs Dorothy Omollo,
  5. Ms Elizabeth Ochola 
  6. Mrs. Hellen Omangi


Degree Programmes Linked to Thematic Area

  • All undergraduate degree courses in the University of Nairobi

Course Unit Linked to Thematic Area 

  • CCS 001 (Communication Skills)

Possible Career Opportunities

  • Motivational Speaker
  • Speech Writer
  • Public Speaker
  • Reporter
  • News Anchor
  • Commentator