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The Department of Communication Skills and Studies which houses the Communication Skills programme, dates back to 1990s with the advent of the 8-4-4 system of education.  All public Universities were required to introduce common Undergraduate courses for the first university intake of 8-4-4 students.  The University Communication Skills project was established as a result of an agreement between the Government of Britain(ODA) and Kenya for the setting up of a Communication Skills Course for the 8-4-4 students who were joining the national/public Universities for the academic year 1990-1991.  At this time, the main objectives of the project were the training of staff and preparation of teaching materials and course curriculum for Communication Skills in line with the new education system.

The Communication Skills Department at the UoN has since then held the sole responsibility of Managing and administering the Communication Skill program.  The Department plays a very pivotal role in teaching Communication Skills to Students taking all professional courses in the University.  It is staffed with highly qualified staff in Language, Communication Skills, General and and Applied Linguistics.  The British Council sponsored some members of staff for degree courses and seminars in highly recognized British Universities amongst them were University of Leeds, Lancaster University, University of Reading, Birmingham; while others were highly trained by our prestigious local Universities.

The Communication Skills Department is a fully-fledged department and therefore has a significant role to play in the university's organizational framwork.  Hence the Department has enriched and broadened its program.  These program intersect with the UoN's overall mission of preparing students for academic pursuits, professional development, enhanced personal lives, and responsible global citizenship.  At the centre of its focus is the enhancement of student's academic and professional competence in communication in a multicultural setting.

The curriculum for communication Skills has been subjected to regular review to reflect an inter disciplinary and market orientation in keeping with the needs of the various university faculties and departments.  It is a course offered to first year students and yet its impact is felt even after students have left the university to join the job market.

Among its many strengths as highlighted in the strategic plan is its focus on the development of the communicative skills as part of scholarly and professional competence.  The course focuses on competency in writing research papers and documenting sources, Academic,Professional and technical writing skills, reading skills for academic purposes, information science, report writing, proposal writing, CV writing oral presentation and public speaking skills.All these communication skills that are required from any proffessional graduant from a world class university.

Head of Department